InI Culturewear

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InI Culturewear was founded in spring, 2009 by LilZé and Melodiemann.

The foundation of InI CULTUREWEAR is based on an idea of LilZé who deals with drawing since his youth days and also increasingly with the production of graphics. Already in 2007 / 2008 he promoted his own clothing collection under the name LilZé Rootswear which was well received in our community.

InI CULTUREWEAR is to be understood as a continuation of this line. InI CULTUREWEAR promote RASTAFARI culture through drawn message and symbols. Nevertheless, by the exclusive use of biologically made and fairly traded materials, the use of environment-friendly printing inks on water base, the creation of new motives and not least by a more professional marketing InI want to go an other step forward.

Besides, InI CULTUREWEAR tries to offer high-quality and long-lasting clothes as one positive alternative to the demented Babylonian production and marketing methods, trends and beauty ideals.

Solo Banton in InI Culturewear