2011 is a very special year for InI. After organizing some sessions as a team – consisting of Jahsen Youths & Souljah Lioness of Free Roots Sound – InI decided to built a real Soundsystem together and to continue playing music and organizing events under a new I-nited name: Joyful Noise Soundsystem.

In January InI invited Steve Vibronics to bless the massive with original Dub-Vibrations. The White Rabbit Club was packed and people were all waiting for Jah Marnyah to burn down the place. And… no doubt – he did it.

Augsburg 29.01.2011, Collynization Soundsystem ls. Vibronics

Nice and rainy 1st-May-River-Session

In may 2011 InI had a heartical meeting. Siren Sisters & Treasure Irie and Ganja Riddim & Culture Japhet came to Freiburg to play alongside InI sound. After some technical problems at the beginning we had a very good session. Big up!

In September we celebrated a friends Earthday-Party besides the river. Great Session. Listening to Reggae-Music while relaxing in the water, eating good food, having some good communication and sharing good vibes! Summer 2011: building the first parts of the JN – Soundsystem

First soundcheck in the KTS-Freiburg

Oktober 2011: Joyful Noise Soundsystem is ready to rise. The first session in the White Rabbit Club was a blessing. Completetely! The system was running well, 240 people came to the dance and the vibes were great. Nuff Thanks to the bredrin from Collynization and Justice Rivah. Jah is so mighty!

Dezember 2011: A longtime wish came true: Afrikan Simba from London came around to chant pon InI sound. The Iberator Dub Unit heated up the place with a crucial Roots´n´Culture-Selection.This time we were not alowed to bring InI soundsystem because the venue was in serious troubles with the residents. So when Simba took up the mic there were some sound-problems with the White-Rabbit-PA. Big Up and maximum Raspect to Afrikan Simba who didn´t spoil the mood but did a tuff job to save the vibes inna the dance until 5 o´clock in the morning. Higher Teachings again.


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