Although there were -20 degrees outside InI had a warm session inna Sunny Red/ Munich. Thanks to Siren Sisters, Treasure Irie and the lovely Munich Massive for making it possible.

Dub It! Pt.5 – No allowance to built up the sound – but strong vibes anyway. 300 people came to hear Jah Music playing. Warm-up-selection by Sheriff Limbo, later on Joyful Noise ls. Ras Andi (Drums) & Samson Benjie (Sax) & Papa Zodiac (Mic). Fyahburg Link Up!

In 2012 once again we had a blessed outdoor session on the 1st of may. For the first time at a lovely place called Vogelsanghütte. Thanks to each & everyone who participated with preparing some good food, bringing instruments or just sharing good vibes. Special request to all the mamas, papas and children who obviously had a joyful afternoon!

Dub It!!! Pt.6: Nice session inna White Rabbit. Heavy dubwise selection by the man called Chris Tuff longside Tamrin pon the microphone. Heartical & musical vibrations from InI longtime bredrin Samson pon the saxophone and Ras Andi pon the percussions.

The 1st of june. For the first time we promoted a session at Waldsee Freiburg. We had been looking forward to this day for a long time. After weeks of planing, building and soundchecking we finally set up the soundsystem, decorated the nice location and warmed up the area for Kibir La Amlak. When they took over it didn´t take long for the massive to realize that their work is special. Very professional and special selection, live dubbing, great micworks, strong message and higher vibes. Extra special thanks to all the helping hands, particularly Sheep from Blackwood Soundsystem who strenghtened InI sound with two bass-scoops and Martin who provided his van for the transport of all the equipment.

Only one weekend after the Kibir La Amlak Session we were invited to Switzerland, St. Gallen, to play a nice little session alongside the bredrin from Justice Rivah and the longtime Roots & Culture Ambassador Hills´n´Valleys. They built up half of the Justice Rivah System in a wild and friendly location named Rümpelturm. Good people, good music, good vibes!

Next day: Offbeat Festival in Freiburg. The vibration goes on and on… and the massive was definitely ready to celebrate Jah Music! It was a blessing to participate once again.

Blackwood Homebase…3 Sounds inna di place – heartical session! Big up the men like Sheep and Rootsdriver.

Summertime inna Black Forrest. Blackwood Soundsystem, High Pressure Soundsystem and InI link up one more time. Special Guest in the Blackwood Homebase this time: Lord Hissayas alongside Reuben Iyashanti outta France.

Dub It! Pt. 7, celebration inna Freiburg-Style. Joyful Noise alongside the bredrin Samson pon the Sax, Ras Andi beat the drums and the local rootssingers Iman and Yasmin pon the mic. Many people there and pure Fyah inna the White Rabbit.

Next day: After a few hours of sleep we loaded the soundsystem and started for the next session. There´s a natural mystic up inna the hills of the Black Forest!

October 2012: Soundcheck

The Earthrocker of Jah Lightning and Thunder – Aba Shanti I – in town! No words to describe the vibes. After streneous weeks of planing finaly everything worked out in a way we never dared to imagine. Big up and thanks to Aba Shanti I and Humble Lion and all the bredrin and sistren who were involved to make it possible. Raspect and love to all the visitors from near and far who came to share the vibes.

Fotos (c) Martin Voss / House of Reggae

Fotos (c) Martin Voss / House of Reggae

Fotos (c) Martin Voss / House of Reggae

Foto (c) Coltjah Irie / Irie Ites

Some more impressions of the Aba Shanti I Dance will be coming soon.

Dub it! Pt.8, the last edutainment in 2012. A joyful evening in the White Rabbit. Warm up by Sherrif Limbo later on Joyful Noise in session supported by Tamrin pon the mic.



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