Once again a blessed start into the new year. Heartical southwest link up with Ganja Riddim Soundsystem alongside MC Nasop in a nice place called Vanguard in Karlsruhe. Thanks & Big Up to the Karlsroots Massive and all the Idren and Sistren from Freiburg who came over.DSCF2967DSCF2955DSCF2953IMG_0859 IMG_0849IMG_0864February 2013, cold outside but warm and heartical vibes inna the White Rabbit. Dub it! Pt.9 was a very nice gathering of people who enjoy Jah Music. Nearly 300 people came to take part of the celebration. Selecta Kili I from the Conscious HiFi crew outta Heilbronn set the right mood and later on we took over to make a Joyful Noise unto the creator.

IMG_0334 IMG_0379IMG_0358


IMG_0383 A musical fire was blazing in Freiburg. Lioness Fonts and Prince Livijah outta UK came over to nice up the area with positive energy and to spread the word. It was the second time for them to come around and they blessed the audience with a great performance. Big up! Thanks to all the people who were involved and helped to make it possible.

317474_542867595765303_990135052_n422121_542867865765276_131327987_n 417806_542868972431832_1673212091_n315600_542868705765192_1186488483_n 922907_542869092431820_226276611_n

922785_542868839098512_635394765_n IMG_1277 IMG_12731st of may 2013. A joyful revolution a gwaan. Although the sky was cloudy there was no rain – sometimes even sunshine – until 5 o´clock. People came together to have a good afternoon with their families on the riverside Listening to Jah music, eating good food and shearing heartical vibes a little outside the city while downtown the police tried to mash up the vibes.





IMG_1404Invitation for each & everyone.

IMG_1406Full control pon the the Vegi – Grill.

IMG_1447 IMG_1453Nuff helping hands when rain appeared. Thanks to the local supermarket for providing solid shopping carts 😉

Once again it was time to „Dub it!“. Heartical session and family vibes. Warm up was played by Idren Manou and Flo. Out of the younger generation.

IMG_1599IMG_1601 IMG_1615 IMG_1603Summertime in Freiburg and Joyful Noise welcomed Idren Natural in the Waldsee. What a heartical link up – fi real. Personally and musically everything was great from first moment. Not too many people but truely heartical family vibes inna the dance. InI came with a rootical and melodical selection and when Idren Natural took the mic – he chanted until the morning light. Nuff forward fi the man. What an honour and inspiration for InI if an experienced and talented soundman like Idren Natural chant pon InI sound.

Special thanks to all the helping hands for making it possible. Thanks to all the travellers from near and far. Big Up Venda Irie who decorated the area with some of her beautiful drawings.


IMG_2216 IMG_2242IMG_2226 IMG_2254IMG_2256Dub it! Pt. 11

White Rabbit again. Family vibes again. The full Joyful Noise Crew, Samson on the saxophone, Ras Andi played percussion, Tamrin supported InI pon the microphone. 1395183_627408820644513_1008328826_n

1395167_627408657311196_1536867307_n 1391676_627408743977854_1691468680_n 1395420_627408987311163_498896571_n1376636_627408523977876_1080923020_n

Blackwood Soundsystem alongside Foundation Rocker meets Joyful Noise Soundsystem alongside Samson Benjie. Two sounds playing inna unity style. Coronation Greetings from the Blackwood Airbase. Thanks to each and everyone who participated.


IMG_2793Hearticall invitation from Triertown – maximum respect to the promoters Manou and Gil

Joyful Noise Soundsystem ls. Nasop meets Selecta Manou – Exhaus Trier

for photos and recordings – big up ojt

109831Trier crew


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