1st Soundsystem Meeting in Freiburg. Digital Steppaz meet Joyful Noise and Dogtown HiFi from outta Rottweil. Great vibration – truely shaking the town. Nuff Respect to all the crews inna the area – special big up to the Fyahburg massive. 1 Love

 Joyful Noise Soundsystem and Dogtown HifiIMG_3169Digital Steppaz Soundsystem


1517685_604518092936183_1575547434_n*picture by Sheriff Limbo

Digital Steppaz pon the controls – a journey from Digital Reggae to Dubstep.

1549555_953729514642113_224236549_n*picture by Sheriff Limbo

Dogtown HiFi running things in many different styles of Reggae Music – from Studio 1 over Raggamuffin to Reggae Revival. IMG_3175Joyful Noise alongside special guest Sista Sherin – performing „Guiding Star“

IMG_3178Sista Sherin and Samson Benjie pon the saxophone


1555571_604518372936155_26669334_n*picture by Sheriff Limbo

3 years „Dub it!“. Pt. 12 was a nice little celebration and another rootical and heartical meeting with InI longtime Bredrin from Collynization (Substation Augsburg) and Justice Rivah (Dub Corner, St. Gallen). Place was locked – the massive was skanking and sharing JAH vibes. Thank you for coming out and taking part. Special big up to all the travellers – truely it´s a honor for us.

Big up all families & crews and everyone involved! So much work to do – so many good people to be named. Forward bredrin and sistren – it´s InI time to shine.
Roots is what the people need – Culture is what they love.

IMG_3211IMG_3237 IMG_3243 IMG_3228IMG_3225 IMG_3257Thanks to Justice Rivah Soundsystem and LAKUZ Promotion for inviting InI to the Switzerland Dub Carnival 2014. Also big respect to Talawah Sound, Foundation Rocker and man like Shabbs for the crucial warm up selection – Roots without objection! It was nice to see the camel, crocodile and all others stepping alongside the lions and lionesses. Enjoying themselves inna di dance 🙂

IMG_3468 IMG_3484 IMG_3489IMG_3474Joyful Noise with full stack for the 2nd time in Trier – location named Exhaus. Heartical meeting with the local Simjah Warriors and Selecta Manou. Oh what a heat… Place was locked, positive vibes. It was a honour and blessing to be there. Big up the promoter Porta Supporta Crew.

IMG_3521Manou IMG_3516MC Nasop pon the case.  IMG_3524Dub´ucation Pt. 1.

First time in the place called MensaBar in Freiburg. Time for some heavy soundsystem vibrations. Three peaceful warriors in one area. Jah Vibes outta Cologne and Ganja Riddim outta Karlsruhe came over for a soundsystem meeting. Good Vibes, special selections, tuff micworks and three well charged soundsystems. Jah love we are dealing with!

Thanks to all helping hands, all massive and crews. Big up all the travellers. Man like Culture Japhet and Tamrin – special guests pon the mic. Extra shoutout to the MensaBar Crew – thanks for making it possible.

IMG_3587 IMG_3600IMG_3607Ganja Riddim IMG_3638IMG_3625Jah VibesIMG_3650IMG_3646Joyful Noise



Dub it! Pt. 13. For the first time we had a live band on stage. Iman and the Dub Tub Band released and performed their long awaited debut album „One„. It was the wonderful midsummernight and the massive was definitely in the mood for some rootical vibrations. Warm up and aftershow by Joyful Noise Soundsystem.

Thanks to the Iman and the great Dub Tub Band, thanks to Samson Benjie, thanks to Martin at the mixing board and thanks to each and everyone who came around to share some good vibes and make a joyful noise unto creation!

IMG_3903 IMG_3876 IMG_3875

Free in Nature 2014 – Kempten Allgäu

What a joyful weekend, free in nature! with so many good minded people.
big shout out to all crews involved & specially to the whole Irie Subsetters family – setting up a tuff foundation in a beautiful surrounding!

IMG_4126 IMG_4132 IMG_4155 IMG_4150 IMG_4163 IMG_4175 IMG_4179 IMG_4186 IMG_4172Boom! Dub´ucation Pt. 2 was perfect. An international soundsystem meeting with a good massive, good vibes and special selections. Large up Justice Rivah and Jah Sonic for your heartical and professional works. Special request to Samson Benjie pon the sax. Strictly Jah Love and consciousness we are dealing with! Three sounds, one love – pure family vibes.

Special thanks to all the helping hands and to each and everyone involved for making Dub´ucation Pt. 2 possible and supporting Roots & Culture in InI area. Shoutout to all the soundmen and -women for passing through. Blackwood, Dogtown, Collynization, Digital Steppaz, Milk & Honey, Irie Subsetters, Iberator,…

20141003_233140Justice Rivah Soundsystem

IMG_4306IMG_4317Jah Sonic Soundsystem ls. Don Pedro


Joyful Noise Soundsystem

IMG_4332 Dub´ucation massive

IMG_4313IMG_4334IMG_4315Dub it! Pt. 14 – it´s a pitty but we have no pics from that session. 7 hours of rootical vibes with Joyful NoiseSamson Benjie and Ras Andi inna the White Rabbit.

Only two weeks later – White Rabbit again – thing called Dubadub. Joyful Noise met Digital Steppaz. This night both sounds played to show their respect and solidarity for the White Rabbit Club. The nicest and most heartical location for independent culture in Freiburg.


IMG_4479 IMG_4485

Digital Steppaz pon the controllsIMG_4481IMG_4486