5th of jan. After some years back at Kings Jam again.


22th of january – Dub´ucation Pt.3. Soundsystem business again. Joyful Noise met the one and only Dandelion. Good to see that so many people made their way from near and far and made this night a special gathering with strictly positiv & blessed vibes!!!
Big shout out to the whole Dandelion Crew! It was a honor for InI to welcome you in town – truly, heartical vibes & a tuff selection all night long! It was a joy to share so much positiv energy … and it was a pleasure to hear & feel this crystal clear & powaful soundsystem
Big up & give thanx to Treasure Irie, Sista Sherin & Isayah for the inspiring mic works!
We also give thanx to bredda Samson & Ras Andi for the instrumental support! Pure vibes!







picture by Sheriff Limbo

6th of february – great session in france on the Milk & Honey Soundsystem in Molodoi Strasbourg. We loved and enjoyed the enthusiastic vibes from the massive. The specially apreci-loved the horns parts -played by Samson. Thanks to the Milk & Honey Crew for the invitation and the hospitality!





4th of march. Heartical and rootical session in a great location in Nürnberg with the mighty Jah Chalice Soundsystem. InI played alongside hornsman Samson Benjie. Jah Chalice with Isayah and Jone C Fyah pon the mic. Great location, many people, great soundsystem- pure fyah!

11th of march – White Rabbit – Joyful Noise Soundstation alongside Samson Benjie (Sax) and Tamrin pon the mic. Special showcase from the man like Isayah. Vibes! The whole place was completely ram – sweating and skanking until the barman turned the lights on.


8th of april 2016 – White Rabbit – Three sounds & three styles. We played a DJ-Set at a thing called Heartical Vibes alongside Iberator Sound and Flowin Vibes. Thanks for the invitation and organization.

15th of april 2016 – Dub’ucation pt.4. Joyful Noise Soundsystem alongside the great Collynization Soundsystem. Thanks to everyone who took part and made this night a special one. Big shoutout to the whole Jahsouljahs from the Collynization Crew! A wonderful selection fresh and exclusive like anytime, a bassline like rolling thunder, great micworks creating tuff vibrations. This sound is setting the trend for a long time – Jah knows.

We´re more than grateful for the strong link.






 Fotos: Patrick Zimmermann | Pyunity Media

5th of may 2016 – outdoor session. A joyful afternoon down by the river. People coming together, relaxing, eating, drinking, listening to the music and sharing good vibes. It´s wonderful to see how the share of children is growing from year to year. From generation to generation we carry Jah Love. Big up to all helping hands who made it possible.






28th of may 2016 – on the road with the soundsystem to Augsburg to play at the Substation alongside Collynization Soundsystem. It really is a great honor for InI to be one part of this legendary series of events – lining up with all the big names who passed through over the years. Thanks to all massive and crew for the heartical vibes.


30th of sept 2016 – back at Dub`ucation again. Joyful Noise Soundsystem met 27 years of soundsystem knowledge and passion – the one and only Blackwood Soundsystem. Great audience, heavy vibes. It´s a good feeling to see that the seed that was sown over the last years is growing and growning.

Shout out to the Blackwood Crew for their works, the heavy bassline and the tuff selection. Roll on, bredrins.

Pure love to InI family – to each and everyone who was involved with hands and hearts. Special request to Samson Benjie on the sax and Ras Andi on the Kete-Drum.









Dub’ucation pt.6 special lesson to all massive and crew from near and far!
King Shiloh Soundsystem in session. Giving thanks for the presence and all helping hands for their support. Making it possible again & again & again. Inspirational mighty selection and music full of word sound & positive vibrations from the Healing of the Nations Soundsystem.