10th of march – Rootikal Sessions Stuttyard. For the first time we carried the soundsystem to Stuttgart. Great location and big big vibes from the audience. Thanks to each and everyone who came around and took part. We hope to come back soon. Special thanks to our host Selekta TKZ and to Ulli Nefzer who set the vibe for the night with his early selection.


22nd of april – Dub´ucation time again. The mighty Kiraden Soundsystem from Dijon (France) came over. Big up and big respect to the whole crew – specially selecta & operator Jul. For the vibes and for your musical works. Thanks to each and everyone who turned up. Special thanks to all the helping hands. Family and crew.



20th of may – Deep Roots St. Gallen. Nice to be back in Switzerland with the bredrins from Justice Rivah Soundsystem. Great vibes – like each and everytime. We played alongside Ras Andi (drum & percussion) and Samson Benji (sax). Thanks to the whole family and crew. Special request to Don Pedro and Kefaz.

7th – 9th of juli – Sunrise Festival. Big n‘ joyful shout out to Collynization Soundsystem and all massive of Sunrise Festival Dubstation – what a weekend full of good vibrations – heavy heavy bassline and Jah sun-rain-lightning and thunder – big vibes!! joyful greetings to all Soundsystem involved! special greetings and thanks for the inspirational sessions – Aba Shanti I & Collynization ls. Fitta Warri up!

21st – 23rd of juli – Rootsbase Festival. In the name of the whole Joyful Noise Soundsystem family InI give thanks to all people coming from near and far and make this festival as special and precious as it was. Joyful shout out and respect for the works to Kulturimpuls, Dandelion, Siren Sisters, Jah Chalice and Purify your Heart – all Soundsystem and musicians involved – JAH music! Also thanks to all Rastafarian brethren and sistren who prepared such a wonderful place to honor and celebrate the 125th earthday of Haile Selassie. UP

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16th of september – Lindau Dub Sessions. Hearti-call greetings and a joyful shout out to each and every I attended the session! Give thanks for the great welcome and hospitality. Nuff RASpect and greetings to Ras Kedesh! A night full of good vibes and heavy vibrations.